Foonix’s mission is to Connect, Organize, Modernize and Automate the world you live in.

Foonix facts

  • Founded
  • Founder
    Sarangan Shanmuganathan
  • Incorporation
    October 19, 2015
  • Registered Office
    17/54, Duraisamy Nagar
    TN, India

Our company has packed a lot into a relatively young life. Since Foonix was founded in 2012, we’ve tried to stay true to our core beliefs and have grown to serve people around the world. We are what you have made us and we hope you’ll be a part of our journey.

4 ways you can reach our doorstep

#1 Many for one not one for many

We at Foonix serve you personally to understand your requirements, it may be as small as designing a logo or as large as establishing ERP. Our continuous efforts would always be directed to your services as we believe that our clients hold the key to our success. Read more..

Our Journey


The story behind Foonix, Inc and its growth till date.

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Our journey began with a SINGLE step.

We believed we could. We did. Still doing.

Feb 29, 2012
Birth of Foonix
Foonix, Inc. was founded in Chennai.
Mar 14, 2012
The performance CAPSULE
An ERP to automate the world you live in.
Dec 21, 2012
Spibot builds your presence online on the web.
Jul, 2013
Croak! Croak!
Adding flavors to websites to let the world know your brand - the frog made it crazy.
Oct, 2013
First letter on the Black Board
Foonix launched its very first version of the student board.
Nov, 2013
Out of Box
An exclusive outlet for getting your stationary with Loovus.
June 16, 2014
Capturing Souls
Snapshoot - The only language understood anywhere in the world.
Nov 16, 2014
Dream come true
The giant APE arrives to bring your thoughts to the world.

It’s not just Locations. But Mindset.

Building the bridge across the smartest in the world.